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We understand that an immense issue, such as poverty, requires an all-encompassing approach to resolution. We have a history of forging innovative partnerships with other community organizations that specialize in complimentary services for a holistic approach.

We are constantly seeking new and inventive collaborations in an effort to improve the number and quality of services provided.

StandUP! aspires to bring together those organizations equally focused on creating a network of good for our city and society.

Nonprofit organizations and Corporations often have common good in mind. 

Through Financial support, In-kind services and/or Product donations, and Employee engagement your commitment will 
further our mission by supporting our activities, programs, and special events.

Your brand’s logo will be prominently displayed at every sponsored event, printed/electronic media, and all of our social outlets. Increasing your potential to be seen by thousands of potential customers each day. 

Whether you have been a donor in the past or have never given, your participation at any level, will have a profound impact. 90% of every dollar raised (well above the national standard) goes directly to programs which improve the lives of the homeless and chronically impoverished; with a high priority on youth in those communities. 

Today your donations support the efforts in Education, Youth Development, Economic Empowerment, and Family Housing.

​StandUP! For Change is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations and your contributions are tax deductible. 

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You buy. We Give.


Help us weave a fabric that will blanket our communities with change! 

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Every year volunteers lend their greatest gifts of time, talent and resources to meet needs of those most desperate among us.  StandUP! relies on the generosity of volunteers to help us fulfill our mission of creating long-lasting and impactful change for those in need.  We have a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, businesses and faith-based groups.

Please lend us your skills, talents and interests as we endeavor to change lives and strengthen families…together.

Remember, change begins with US!

Doing Good just got easier…Now you can support StandUP! just by shopping on Amazon. Simply click the SHOP AMAZON button, login to Amazon as you normally would, and shop away. Each time you shop, AmazonSmile will donate a small percentage to benefit the communities we serve. Your coins can make a change in the lives of others. We thank you for your willingness to StandUP!

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All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2015. StandUP!


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